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    2019[ to top ]

    • Seufert, M., Wassermann, S., Casas, P.: Considering User Behavior in the Quality of Experience Cycle: Towards Proactive QoE-aware Traffic Management.IEEE Communications Letters.PP, (2019).
    • Seufert, M., Wehner, N., Casas, P.: A Fair Share for All: TCP-inspired Adaptation Logic for QoE Fairness among Heterogeneous HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming Clients.IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management.PP, (2019).
    • Metzger, F., Hoßfeld, T., Bauer, A., Kounev, S., Heegaard, P.E.: Modeling of Aggregated IoT Traffic and Its Application to an IoT Cloud.Proceedings of the IEEE.107,679-694 (2019).
    • Schwind, A., Midoglu, C., Alay, Ö., Griwodz, C., Wamser, F.: Dissecting the performance of YouTube video streaming in mobile networks.International Journal of Network Management. (2019).
    • Linguaglossa, L., Lange, S., Pontarelli, S., Retvari, G., Rossi, D., Zinner, T., Bificulo, R., Jarschel, M., Bianchi, G.: Survey of Performance Acceleration Techniques for Network Function Virtualization.Proceedings of the IEEE. (2019).

    2018[ to top ]

    • Hoßfeld, T., Timmerer, C.: Quality of experience column: an introduction.ACM SIGMultimedia Records.10 (2018).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Skorin-Kapov, L., Heegaard, P.E., Varela, M.: A new QoE fairness index for QoE management.Quality and User Experience. (2018).
    • Burger, V., Zinner, T., Dinh-Xuan, L., Wamser, F., Tran-Gia, P.: A Generic Approach to Video Buffer Modeling using Discrete-Time Analysis.ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM). (2018).
    • Skorin-Kapov, L., Varela, M., Hoßfeld, T., Chen, K.-T.: A Survey of Emerging Concepts and Challenges for QoE Management of Multimedia Services.ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications. (2018).
    • Sieber, C., Hagn, K., Moldovan, C., Hoßfeld, T., Kellerer, W.: Towards Machine Learning-Based Optimal HAS.arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.08065. (2018).
    • Schütz, A., Fertig, T., Weber, K., Vu, H., Hirth, M., Tran-Gia, T.: Vertrauen ist gut, Blockchain ist besser - Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Blockchain für Vertrauensprobleme im Crowdsourcing.HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik. (2018).
    • Dinh-Xuan, L., Popp, C., Burger, V., Wamser, F., Hoßfeld, T.: Impact of VNF Placements on QoE Monitoring in the Cloud.International Journal of Network Management. (2018).

    2017[ to top ]

    • Lorenz, C., Hock, D., Scherer, J., Durner, R., Kellerer, W., Gebert, S., Gray, N., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P.: An SDN/NFV-enabled Enterprise Network Architecture Offering Fine-Grained Security Policy Enforcement.IEEE Communications Magazine.55,217 - 223 (2017).
    • Zinner, T., Geissler, S., Lange, S., Gebert, S., Seufert, M., Tran-Gia, P.: A Discrete-Time Model for Optimizing the Processing Time of Virtualized Network Functions.Computer Networks.125,4-14 (2017).
    • Cofano, G., De Cicco, L., Zinner, T., Nguyen-Ngoc, A., Tran-Gia, P., Mascolo, S.: Design and Performance Evaluation of Network-assisted Control Strategies for HTTP Adaptive Streaming.ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications. (2017).
    • Metter, C., Seufert, M., Wamser, F., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P.: Analytical Model for SDN Signaling Traffic and Flow Table Occupancy and its Application for Various Types of Traffic.IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management.14,603-615 (2017).
    • Hoffmann, M., Jarschel, M., Pries, R., Schneider, P., Jukan, A., Bziuk, W., Gebert, S., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P.: SDN and NFV as Enabler for the Distributed Network Cloud.Mobile Networks and Applications. (2017).
    • Schwarzmann, S., Zinner, T., Dobrijevic, O.: Quantitative Comparison of Application-Network Interaction: A Case Study of Adaptive Video Streaming.Springer Quality and User Experience. (2017).

    2016[ to top ]

    • Seufert, M., Griepentrog, T., Burger, V., Hoßfeld, T.: A Simple WiFi Hotspot Model for Cities.IEEE Communications Letters.20,384 - 387 (2016).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Heegaard, P.E., Varela, M., Möller, S.: QoE beyond the MOS: an in-depth look at QoE via better metrics and their relation to MOS.Quality and User Experience.1, (2016).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Skorin-Kapov, L., Heegaard, P.E., Varela, M.: Definition of QoE Fairness in Shared Systems.IEEE Communications Letters. (2016).
    • Metzger, F., Liotou, E., Moldovan, C., Hoßfeld, T.: TCP video streaming and mobile networks: Not a love story, but better with context.Computer Networks.109,246--256 (2016).
    • Wamser, F.: Leistungsbewertung von Ressourcenmanagementstrategien für zelluläre und drahtlose Mesh-Netzwerke.Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI).Ausgezeichnete Informatikdissertationen 2015, (2016).
    • Seufert, M., Lange, S., Hoßfeld, T.: More than Topology: Joint Topology and Attribute Sampling and Generation of Social Network Graphs.Computer Communications.73,176-187 (2016).
    • Seufert, M., Burger, V., Lorey, K., Seith, A., Loh, F., Tran-Gia, P.: Assessment of Subjective Influence and Trust with an Online Social Network Game.Computers in Human Behavior.64,233-246 (2016).
    • Wamser, F., Casas, P., Seufert, M., Moldovan, C., Tran-Gia, P., Hoßfeld, T.: Modeling the YouTube Stack: from Packets to Quality of Experience.Computer Networks.109,211-224 (2016).
    • Tavakoli, S., Egger, S., Seufert, M., Schatz, R., Brunnström, K., García, N.: Perceptual Quality of HTTP Adaptive Streaming Strategies: Cross-Experimental Analysis of Multi-Laboratory and Crowdsourced Subjective Studies.IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications.34,2141-2153 (2016).
    • Casas, P., Seufert, M., Wamser, F., Gardlo, B., Sackl, A., Schatz, R.: Next to You: Monitoring Quality of Experience in Cellular Networks from the End-devices.IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management.13,181-196 (2016).
    • Burger, V., Seufert, M., Hoßfeld, T., Tran-Gia, P.: Performance Evaluation of Backhaul Bandwidth Aggregation Using a Partial Sharing Scheme.Physical Communication.19,135-144 (2016).

    2015[ to top ]

    • Seufert, M., Egger, S., Slanina, M., Zinner, T., Hoßfeld, T., Tran-Gia, P.: A Survey on Quality of Experience of HTTP Adaptive Streaming.IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials.17,469-492 (2015).
    • Wamser, F., Blenk, A., Seufert, M., Zinner, T., Kellerer, W., Tran-Gia, P.: Modeling and Performance Analysis of Application-Aware Resource Management.International Journal of Network Management.25,223-241 (2015).
    • Lange, S., Gebert, S., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P., Hock, D., Jarschel, M., Hoffmann, M.: Heuristic Approaches to the Controller Placement Problem in Large Scale SDN Networks.IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management - Special Issue on Efficient Management of SDN and NFV-based Systems.12,4 - 17 (2015).
    • Hirth, M., Hoßfeld, T., Mellia, M., Schwartz, C., Lehrieder, F.: Crowdsourced Network Measurements: Benefits and Best Practices.Computer Networks Special Issue on Crowdsourcing. (2015).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Seufert, M., Sieber, C., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P.: Identifying QoE Optimal Adaptation of HTTP Adaptive Streaming Based on Subjective Studies.Computer Networks.81,320-332 (2015).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Metzger, F., Jarschel, M.: QoE for Cloud Gaming.IEEE Communications Society E-Letter. (2015).
    • Blenk, A., Basta, A., Kellerer, W., Zinner, T., Wamser, F., Tran-Gia, P.: Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) und Software Defined Networking (SDN): Forschungsfragen und Anwendungsfälle.ITG Mitgliederbeiträge / VDE dialog (invited article).10-13 (2015).

    2014[ to top ]

    • Jarschel, M., Zinner, T., Hoßfeld, T., Tran-Gia, P., Kellerer, W.: Interfaces, Attributes, and Use Cases: A Compass for SDN.IEEE Communications Magazine.52,210-217 (2014).
    • Schwerdel, D., Reuther, B., Zinner, T., Müller, P., Tran-Gia, P.: Future Internet Research and Experimentation: The G-Lab Approach.Computer Networks. (2014).
    • Pham Ngoc, N., Nguyen Huu, T., Vu Quang, T., Tran Hoang, V., Truong Thu, H., Tran-Gia, P., Schwartz, C.: A new power profiling method and power scaling mechanism for energy-aware NetFPGA gigabit router.Computer Networks. (2014).
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    • Hoßfeld, T., Keimel, C., Timmerer, C.: Crowdsourcing Quality-of-Experience Assessments.IEEE Computer.47,98-102 (2014).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Timmerer, C.: Quality of Experience Assessment using Crowdsourcing.IEEE COMSOC MMTC R-Letter.5, (2014).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Burger, V., Hinrichsen, H., Hirth, M., Tran-Gia, P.: On the computation of entropy production in stationary social networks.Social Network Analysis and Mining.4, (2014).
    • Zinner, T., Hoßfeld, T., Fiedler, M., Liers, F., Volkert, T., Khondoker, R., Schatz, R.: Requirement Driven Prospects for Realizing User-Centric Network Orchestration.Multimedia Tools and Applications. (2014).
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    • Hoßfeld, T.: On Training the Crowd for Subjective Quality Studies.VQEG eLetter.1, (2014).

    2013[ to top ]

    • Menth, M., Hartmann, M., Klein, D.: Global Locator, Local Locator, and Identifier Split (GLI-Split).Future Internet.5,67-94 (2013).
    • Lehrieder, F., Menth, M.: RCFT: A Termination Method for Simple PCN-Based Flow Control.Journal of Network and Systems Management. (2013).
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    2012[ to top ]

    • Jarschel, M., Schlosser, D., Scheuring, S., Hoßfeld, T.: Gaming in the clouds: QoE and the users’ perspective.Mathematical and Computer Modelling. (2012).
    • Menth, M., Lehrieder, F.: Performance of PCN-Based Admission Control under Challenging Conditions.IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.20(2),422-435 (2012).
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    2011[ to top ]

    • Zinner, T., Tutschku, K., Nakao, A., Tran-Gia, P.: Performance Evaluation of Packet Re-ordering on Concurrent Multipath Transmissions for Transport Virtualization.JCNDS Special Issue on: Network Virtualization - Concepts and Performance Aspects.Vol. 6,322-340 (2011).
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    2010[ to top ]

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    2009[ to top ]

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    2008[ to top ]

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    2007[ to top ]

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