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    QoE and Networking Initiative http://qoe.community

    QoE and Networking Initiative

    The chair supports the QoE and Networking Initiative. The initiative disseminates and coordinates important actions in the field of Quality of Experience (QoE) and enables with these activities further development and collaboration in this area.

    Quality of Experience is rapidly gaining increasing importance as a key concept for ensuring the smooth delivery of content and services. The management of services and applications to improve the user-perceived quality requires incorporating QoE awareness in networking technologies, protocols, and algorithms. Proper QoE models and QoE monitoring mechanisms are fundamental for realizing QoE in networking, but also for the performance evaluation of such systems.

    The QoE and Networking Initiative is a joint effort of several related workshops to bundle the efforts and to have a viable community which reflects the main topics: QoE modeling, monitoring and management of networks, applications and services.