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    Research Area: Social Network Analysis

    We deal within the CAN group with the research field "Social Network Analysis".

    In online social networks (OSNs) users voluntarily provide information about themselves, their interests, their friends and their activities, especially about their current situation or exceptional events. Nowadays these so called social signals are ubiquitous and can not only be collected from OSNs (e.g., friendships, interests, trust-relevant metadata), but also from applications (e.g., messaging or call patterns) and sensors (e.g., location). Social awareness harvests these signals, extracts useful and re-usable information (e.g., users’ social relationships, activity patterns, and interests), and exploits them in order to improve a service.

    We develop new metrics, in order to identify important nodes in the social network. We investigate new communication paradigms emerging in group based messenger services. We optimize traffic management mechanisms by utilizing the information provided in social networks.

    We are proud that in 2016 we have passed the great threshold of 1500 chats. Thus, we have gained chats and important data, which are used for scientific work. Thanks to all for contributing.


    We implemented WhatsAnalyzer to investigate how group-based communication changes the activity patterns of multiple users. When evaluating communication technologies, models from the past (e.g., Poisson arrival process of end-to-end voice calls) cannot be directly used for nowadays applications (e.g., WhatsApp messages are exchanged in groups of users) and need to be adapted to integrate interaction of users on a smaller time scale. Therefore, we analyze the group communication behavior in WhatsApp and investigate possible implications of this emerging communication paradigm on networking technology.




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    Student projects and theses

    • Schwind, A.: WhatsAnalyzer: a Tool for Collecting and Analyzing WhatsApp Chats, (2016).
    • Schwind, A.: Classification and Modeling of Group-based Communication in WhatsApp, (2015).
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