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    Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

    NGN Researchers

    Head Dr. Thomas Zinner

    Susanna Schwarzmann
    Stefan Geißler
    Nicholas Gray
    Alexej Grigorjew
    Anh Nguyen
    Stanislav Lange

    Student Tutors

    Simon Raffeck
    Lukas Beierlieb



    Florian Pfaffenberger
    Lorenz Reinhart
    Martin Sträßer
    Andreas Rosenberger
    Manuel Sommer
    Maria Bocerov


    Research Interests

    • Performance evaluation of communication networks
    • Network resilience
    • Network Virtualization
    • Software Defined Networking
    • Network Functions Virtualization

    Innovation Projects

    • QoE Modeling for Business Apps
    • POCO: A framework for Pareto-Optimal Resilient Controller Placement
    • OpenFlow Implementation in OMNeT++
    • OFCProbe: OpenFlow Controller Analysis

    Funded Projects

    • TrendScout (funded by DATEV e.G.)
    • SarDiNe (funded by BMBF)
    • SDN-Perf (funded by Bayerisches Förderprogramm IKT)
    • SENDATE-PLANETS (funded by BMBF)
    • APP-SDN (funded by DFG)

    Former Projects

    • SASER-SIEGFRIED (funded by BMBF)
    • QoE-IT (funded by kubus IT)
    • COMCON (funded by BMBF)
    • G-Lab (funded by BMBF)
    • GMPLSINT (funded by DFG)
    • IP-FAST-RESILIENCE (funded by DFG)
    • ECODANE (funded by International Bureau of the BMBF)
    • SOFA (funded by Deutsche Telekom Laboratories)
    • VNREAL (funded by EuroNF)
    • FIROCS (funded by Alcatel-Lucent)
    • 100GET-E3 R3G (funded by BMBF)
    • DiRC (funded by Siemens AG)
    • LightComm (funded by Nortel)
    • Resilient-IP (funded by EuroFGI)
    • OMRAS (funded by Siemens AG)
    • MOP (funded by the Bavarian State)
    • KING (funded by Siemens AG)
    • CMU (funded by Siemens AG)
    • Broadband (funded by Deutsche Telekom AG)

    International Collaborations

    Social Media

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