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    Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

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    List of Habilitations


    • Zinner, T.: Performance evaluation of novel network and application paradigms and management approaches, (2017).


    • Hoßfeld, T.: Modeling and Analysis of Internet Applications and Services, (2013).


    • Staehle, D.: Radio Resource Management Mechanisms for Broadband Wireless Access Networks, (2012).


    • Menth, M.: Design and Performance Evaluation of Control Mechanisms for the Future Internet, (2010).


    • Tutschku, K.: Peer-to-Peer Service Overlays - Capitalizing on P2P Technology for the Design of the Future Internet, (2008).


    • Rose, O.: Operational Modeling and Simulation in Semiconductor Manufacturing, (2005).

    List of Dissertations


    • Metter, C.: Resilience, Availability, and Serviceability Evaluation in Software-defined Networks, (2019).


    • Lange, S.: Optimization of Controller Placement and Information Flow in Softwarized Networks, (2018).
    • Dinh-Xuan, L.: Quality of Experience Assessment of Cloud Applications and Performance Evaluation of VNF-Based QoE Monitoring, (2018).
    • Nguyen-Ngoc, A.: On Performance Assessment of Control Mechanisms and Virtual Components in SDN-based Networks, (2018).


    • Gebert, S.: Architectures for Softwarized Networks and their Performance Evaluation, (2017).
    • Seufert, M.: Quality of Experience and Access Network Traffic Management of HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming, (2017).
    • Burger, V.: Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Content Delivery Networks, (2017).


    • Hirth, M.: Modeling Crowdsourcing Platforms - A Use-Case Driven Approach, (2016).
    • Schwartz, C.: Modeling and Evaluation of Multi-Stakeholder Scenarios in Communication Networks, (2016).


    • Hartmann, M.: Optimization and Design of Network Architectures for Future Internet Routing, (2015).
    • Wamser, F.: Performance Assessment of Resource Management Strategies for Cellular and Wireless Mesh Networks, (2015).


    • Metzger, F.: Evaluating reliable streaming in mobile networks, (2014).
    • Hock, D.: Analysis and Optimization of Resilient Routing in Core Communication Networks, (2014).
    • Jarschel, M.: An Assessment of Applications and Performance Analysis of Software Defined Networking, (2014).
    • Klein, D.: Design and Evaluation of Components for Future Internet Architectures, (2014).


    • Lehrieder, F.: Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Content Distribution using Overlay Networks, (2013).


    • Zinner, T.: Performance Modeling of QoE-Aware Multipath Video Transmission in the Future Internet, (2012).
    • Schlosser, D.: Quality of Experience Management in Virtual Future Networks, (2012).
    • Duelli, M.: Heuristic Design and Provisioning of Resilient Multi-Layer Networks, (2012).


    • Staehle, B.: Modeling and Optimization Methods for Wireless Sensor and Mesh Networks, received outstanding PhD-theses award 2012 at University of Würzburg, and best dissertation award 2012 of the Institute of Computer Science, (2011).


    • Oechsner, S.: Performance Challenges and Optimization Potential of Peer-to-Peer Overlay Technologies, (2010).
    • Pries, R.: Performance Optimization of Wireless Infrastructure and Mesh Networks, (2010).
    • Klein, A.: Performance Issues of MAC and Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks, (2010).
    • Henjes, R.: Performance Evaluation of Publish/Subscribe Middleware Architectures, (2010).


    • Hoßfeld, T.: Performance Evaluation of Future Internet Applications and Emerging User Behavior, received MMB 2010 PhD award, award for outstanding PhD-theses 2010 at University of Würzburg, and best dissertation award 2010 of the Institute of Computer Science, (2009).
    • Mäder, A.: Performance Models for UMTS 3.5G Mobile Wireless Systems, (2009).


    • Martin, R.: Resilience, Provisioning, and Control for the Network of the Future, (2008).
    • Binzenhöfer, A.: Performance Analysis of Structured Overlay Networks, (2008).


    • Milbrandt, J.: Performance Evaluation of Efficient Resource Management Concepts for Next Generation IP Networks, (2007).


    • Köhler, S.: Interior Gateway Routing Optimization and Quality of Service - Algorithms and Performance Study, (2006).


    • Heck, K.: Wireless LAN performance studies in the context of 4G networks, (2005).


    • Staehle, D.: Analytic Methods for UMTS Radio Network Planning, (2004).
    • Menth, M.: Efficient Admission Control and Routing for Resilient Communication Networks, (2004).
    • Dümmler, M.: Modeling and Optimization of Cluster Tools in Semiconductor Manufacturing, (2004).


    • Vicari, N.: Modeling of Internet Traffic: Internet Access Influence, User Interference, and TCP Behavior, (2003).
    • Leibnitz, K.: Analytical Modeling of Power Control and its Impact on Wideband CDMA Capacity and Planning, (2003).


    • Tutschku, K.: Models and Algorithms for Demand-oriented Planning of Telecommunication Systems, (1999).
    • Gerlich, N.: Transporting Wireless Network Traffic on Wired Networks - A Performance Study, (1999).


    • Ritter, M.: Modeling of Flow Control Mechanisms for the Available Bit Rate Service, (1998).
    • Müller, R.: Modernes Motormanagement mit Neuronalen Netzen, (1998).


    • Rose, O.: Traffic Modeling of Variable Bit Rate MPEG Video and its Impacts on ATM Networks, (1997).
    • Mittler, M.: The Variability of Cycle Times in Semiconductor Manufacturing, (1997).
    • Schömig, A.: Performance Analysis of WIP-controlled Manufacturing Systems, (1997).


    • Fritsch, T.: Neuronale Netze in Planung und Optimierung von mobilen Kommunikationssystemen, (1995).


    • Hübner, F.: Discrete-Time Performance Anaylsis of Finite Capacity Queueing Models for ATM Multiplexers, (1993).
    • Stock, T.: Schnelle lokale und regionale Netze - Konzepte und Fallstudien zur Leistungsbewertung, (1993).
    • Gold, H.: Performance Modelling of Batch Service Systems with Push and Pull Manufacturing Management Policies, (1993).


    • Tran-Gia, P.: Zeitdiskrete Analyse verkehrstheoretischer Modelle in Recher- und Kommunikationssystemen, (1988).


    • Tran-Gia, P.: Modelling Overload Control in SPC Switching Systems, (1982).