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    Open Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

    The following lists include open research topics available for bachelor and master theses as well as practical projects. Please note that these lists do not exhaustively list all topics. Members of the chair often offer additional topics within their area of interest, so feel free to contact them directly at their personal web page.

    Regarding general questions please contact Stefan Geißler.

    You can easily view a summary and a detailed description of the topics listed here by clicking the Abstract link below the respective entry. The contact details of the respective supervisor are also made available there.

    Open Bachelor Theses

    • Supervisor: Loh, F.: Analyzing the Streaming Behavior of the Amazon Echo Show, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Wehner, N.: Comparison of Web QoE Algorithms on Different Devices, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Schwind, A.: Crowdsourced Network Measurements: Evaluation and Applicability for 5G, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Evaluation of the Impact of Cross-Traffic on TCP and QUIC Video Streaming, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Moldovan, C.: Applied Optimization of Virtual Reality Videos, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Grigorjew, A.: Consolidation of Resources and Demands in VNF Chain Placement Problems (BA), (2019).
    • Gray, N.: Evaluation of the Impact of Network Topologies and Applications on Synchronization Strategies of Distributed SDN Controllers, (2019).

    Open Master Theses

    • Supervisor: Loh, F.: A Simulative Approach to Study the Coverage of LoRaWAN in Würzburg, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Wehner, N.: Fingerprinting Websites in Encrypted Network Traffic, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Transfer Learning Approaches for QoE Monitoring of Encrypted Video Streaming Traffic, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Algorithms Towards Proactive QoE-aware Traffic Management, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Estimating QoE of Web Browsing in the Network, (2019).
    • Gray, N.: Evaluation of Offloading Firewall Rules with P4, (2019).

    Available Student Projects

    • Supervisor: Schwind, A.: Predicting QoE of Music Streaming, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Loh, F.: Use Case Study of the Transmission Behavior of an Application Using LoRaWAN, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Loh, F.: Studying the Scalability of LoRaWAN with Omnet++, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Schwind, A.: Investigating the QoE of Mobile Messaging, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Characterization of Browsing Sessions, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: Identifying User Behavior from Encrypted Video Streaming Traffic, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Moldovan, C.: Analyze des Verhaltens und der Zuschauerbindung von Twitch Nutzern, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Moldovan, C.: Implementation of an Adaptation Algorithm for 360-Degree Videos, (2019).
    • Supervisor: Borchert, K.: Analysis and Correlation of objective and subjective Performance Data of an Enterprise Application, (2019).