"Service Level Specifications and its mapping to DiffServ configurations "

Alberto Gonzales, Marcus Brunner



This talk addresses the problem of mapping Service Level Specifications (SLS) to IP Differentiated Services (DiffServ) configuration. We introduce a two step mapping controlled via a policy-based management system.

The two step mapping includes the service specification to intra-domain service mapping (Per-Domain Behavior (PDB) [PDB-DEF]) and the further mapping to the DiffServ mechanism available in the domain. The first step uses an N-dimensional room (e.g. including delay/jitter, loss and throughput) to classify the SLS into a limited set of available intra-domain services (Per-domain Behaviours).

Based on this classification, assignment of the service class, and per service class admission control is performed. The mapping is implemented on top of a QoS configuration API using a Linux-based DiffServ implementation.