Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

    Future Internet Applications & Overlays


     Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Hirth


     Kathrin Borchert

    Student Helpers

    Fabian Allendorf

    Oskar Smietanka

    Research Interests

    • Performance evaluation and optimization of overlays and P2P architectures
    • Modeling of Social Networks and Internet Dynamics
    • "Crowdsourcing" and Web 2.0 technologies
    • QoE assessment of interactive applications in Cloud Computing, like Cloud Gaming
    • Management of the Future Internet: Network Control, Network Management, Autonomic Networking, Economic Traffic Management
    • IPTV and P2PTV: Live streaming and video-on-demand
    • Quality of Experience
    • Controlling QoE of Scalable Video Codecs for Future Video Streaming Systems
    • Design of new P2P mechanisms and P2P architectures
    • Mobile P2P and Multi-Homing
    • Traffic Characterization and Identification
    • Modeling of Application and User Behavior
    • Technologies: structured and unstructured overlays, content distribution systems; Chord, CAN, Pastry, Kademlia, Gnutella, eDonkey, BitTorrent, Skype, Joost, PPLive, Zattoo…
    • Methodologies: measurement, simulation, and mathematical analysis, experiments in large-scale testbeds, e.g. evaluation within G-Lab

    Innovation Projects

    • mPlane - Building and Intelligent Measurement Plane for the Internet
    • Identifying trustworthy crowdworkers using social context
    • QoE of interactive services and cloud applications (with FTW)
    • Strategies for Caching of P2P traffic in multi-swarm scenarios (with KTH)
    • Modeling of P2P content distribution (with University of Osaka and Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
    • Dependable P2P services and applications
    • Edge-based applications like Skype or PPLive and feedback between network and users/applications
    • Robust cooperation strategies for P2P based content distribution networks
    • Car2Car communication (with BMW)
    • Routing in sensor networks (with Siemens AG)
    • Adaptive control for P2P overlays (with University of Passau)
    • Virtualization (with University of Vienna)
    • Enterprise Mobile P2P Applications and Services (with Hanoi University of Technology)
    • Simulation of large-scale P2P networks with ProtoPeer (with EPFL Lausanne)

    Funded Projects

    Former Projects

    International Collaborations

    Social Media

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