Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

    Current Projects

    5CALE - Massive scaling of fully virtualized 5G mobile core networks in the context of IoT
    (Februray 2019 - January 2022)

    Within the project, new scaling methods and resource management approaches are being developed for the next generation 5G mobile communication network with IoT traffic. It is funded within the 5G call "Digitale Offensive" of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs with a total budget of one million euros and a term of 3 years.

    Crowdsourcing DFG
    (since April 2014)

    This project focuses on designing and evaluating new mechanisms in micro tasking platforms to improve the basic concepts with respect to the interests of provider, employer and worker.

    SDN App-Aware
    (January 2017 - December 2019)

    The project targets the development of fundamental control mechanisms for network-aware application control and application-aware network control for Software Defined Networks (SDN) in order to enhance the user perceived quality (QoE). The idea is to leverage the QoE from multiple applications as control input parameter for application control and network control mechanisms.

    (May 2019 - April 2021)

    This project focusses on the relationship between the perceived quality of the performance of business applications by the employees and the technical performance data of such applications.

    (January 2019 - December 2021)

    On the example of the city of Würzburg the project 5MART develops and evaluates communication technologies and architectures (5G and LPWAN) and open data platforms for smart cities.

    (March 2019 - December 2020)

    We develop, roll out, and evaluate a LORAWAN network in the city of Würzburg.

    Leistungsbewertung und Vergleich von TSN-Lösungen  im Automotive Umfeld

    Im Rahmen des Projektes werden Untersu­chungen im Rahmen von Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) und dessen Einsatz im Fahrzeugbereich durchgeführt. Hierbei wird auf einer Referenzarchitektur ein Scheduling mit 802.1Qbv und 802.1Qcr geplant.

    What's Up?
    (since December 2017 )

    What's Up is an interdisciplinary project together with psychologists of the University of Tübingen to analyze the communication of depressive children and adolescents in WhatsApp. With the help of WhatsAnalyzer, an early-warning system for depressive phases will be developed, which can effectively be used in the treatment of depression. 

    Former Projects