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    AutoMon Project Team

    Head Kurt Tutschku (Contact)
    Markus Fiedler (Blekinge Institute of Technology)
    Stefan Köhler, Infosim
    Researchers Andreas Binzenhöfer
    Björn auf dem Graben
    Stefan Chevul
    Matthias Schmid

    Latest News

    • Added Slides of two talks about the project at 27.01.06
    • Paper list updated on 22.12.05 with papers accepted for publication in the Proceeding of the EuroNGI Integration Workshop IA.8.2 on New Service Architectures (published as a volume of Lecture Nodes on Computer Science, pdfs will be available soon)


    In order to facilitate a cost-efficient operation of QoS-providing IP networks, the future QoS control mechanisms have to be realized in a more autonomous way than today. The concept of Autonomic Computing (AC) has recently gained tremendous attention in the industry. Autonomic Computing is an approach towards self-managed computing systems with a minimum of human interference. AC comprises four functional domains: self-configuration, self-optimization, self-healing, and self-protection. In this project we take the self-optimizing concept of AC and extend it to the idea of autonomic QoS monitoring in IP net-works. The goal is to have a self-organizing management overlay of Distributed Network Agents (DNAs) for distributed service surveillance. 


    The main objectives are:

    1. Specification of a distributed, self-organizing and autonomic IP QoS monitoring framework which is based on Distributed Hash Tables. The specification includes a QoS feed-back interface for service providers.
    2. Evaluation of the performance of the peer-to-peer mechanisms for maintaining the monitoring overlay. The mechanism has to be investigated with respect to its scalability and reliability under stochastic conditions, i.e. with regard to the non-deterministic behaviour of the transport network and the end users.
    3. Analysis of applicability and accuracy of generic end-to-end performance metrics with regard to user-perceived Quality of Service.
    4. Implementation of a concept demonstrator by the participating SME which uses the .net environment in order to show the commercial viability of the approach.


    • Chevul, S., Binzenhöfer, A., Schmid, M., Tutschku, K., Fiedler, M.: A Self-Organizing Concept for Distributed End-to-End Quality Monitoring. University of Wuerzburg (2006).
    • Radtke, O., Chevul, S., Binzenhöfer, A., Tutschku, K., Fiedler, M.: The Network Utility Function: A Practicable Concept for Assessing Network Impact on Distributed Services. University of Wuerzburg (2005).
    • Binzenhöfer, A., Tutschku, K., auf dem Graben, B., Fiedler, M., Carlsson, P.: A P2P-based Framework for Distributed Network Management. University of Wuerzburg (2005).
    • Fiedler, M., Tutschku, K., Chevul, S., Isaksson, L., Binzenhöfer, A.: The Throughput Utility Function: Assessing Network Impact on Mobile Services. University of Wuerzburg (2005).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Binzenhöfer, A., Fiedler, M., Tutschku, K.: Measurement and Analysis of Skype VoIP Traffic in 3G UMTS Systems. University of Wuerzburg (2005).
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