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    Carrier-Grade Peer-to-Peer

    CaPi Project Team

    Head Kurt Tutschku (Contact)
    Phuoc Tran-Gia
    Frank-Uwe Andersen
    Franco Davoli
    Researchers Tobias Hoßfeld
    Simon Oechsner
    Luca Caviglione
    Marco Perrado


    While applications utilizing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology enjoy a high success, they mostly offer services to the end user. However, the advantages offered by P2P, such as scalability, reliability and so on, make usage of P2P systems also attractive for implementing control functions in the core network of network operators. However, these applications require much higher performance and quality of service.

    In this project, we have investigated whether P2P systems can be made to fulfil these "carrier-grade" requirements. We have more clearly defined what these prerequisites are and have chosen exemplary fields of applications where the deployment of P2P technology would offer advantages. For these cases, we have developed architectures that retain the inherent advantages of P2P (such as being a serverless system without a central point of failure) but still yield a performance needed by the field of application. This has been verified by evaluating these algorithms through simulative studies.



    • Hoßfeld, T., Oechsner, S., Tutschku, K., Andersen, F.-U., Caviglione, L.: Supporting Vertical Handover by Using a Pastry Peer-to-Peer Overlay Network. University of Wuerzburg (2005).
    • Oechsner, S., Hoßfeld, T., Tutschku, K., Andersen, F.-U., Caviglione, L.: Using Kademlia for the Configuration of B3G Radio Access Nodes. University of Wuerzburg (2005).
    • Hoßfeld, T., Oechsner, S., Tutschku, K., Andersen, F.-U.: Evaluation of a Pastry-based P2P Overlay for Supporting Vertical Handover. University of Wuerzburg (2005).
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