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    Research project financed by euroNGI

    Redlarf Project Team

    Head Ilkka Norros, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
    Kurt Tutschku, University of Wuerzburg
    Marco Mellia, Politecnico di Torino
    Researchers Hannu Reittu
    Andreas Mäder
    Andreas Binzenhöfer
    Michela Meo
    Daniel Schlosser

    Latest News

    • Joint paper published at 3rd EURO-NGI Conference on Next Generation Internet Networks (NGI 2007)
    • Feel free to contact us for pdfs, slides or scripts at any time
    • Random Encounter Based Distribution of Large Files (Redlarf) project website up at 01.04.06


    BitTorrent introduced an extremely efficient peer-to-peer networking technique for distributing a very large file (say, gigabytes) to a very large number of recipients (scalability should extend to millions) by splitting it into relatively small chunks (say, thousand chunks) in such a way that the recipients forward their downloaded chunks to further recipients. This project studies fully distributed analogues on BitTorrent from several points of view: algorithm design, testing and analysis. 

    Main objectives:

    1. Design and study, using analytical models, different mediation algorithms applicable in a file distribution system based on chunk transfer along random encounters. The objective is to maximize the file distribution performance in terms like throughput, delay and reliability.
    2. Implement and test these algorithms in a working, experimental peer-to-peer content distribution system. Tests and performance measurements are made using partners' capabilities and, in particular, in the world-wide PlanetLab environment.
    3. Analyse and test the reliability and stability performance of various overlay network alternatives of the system.


    • 20.11 - 22.11.2006 Meeting of partners from Würzburg and VTT in Helsinki
    • 13.06 - 15.06.2006 Meeting of all three partners in Torino
    • 07.05 - 13.05.2006 Visit of Vesa Pehkonen (VTT) to Würzburg
    • 22.02 - 24.02.2006 Kick-off Meeting in Würzburg

    Related Work

    • E.W. Biersack, D. Carra, R. Lo Cigno, P. Rodriguez , P. Felber:Overlay Architectures for File Distribution: Fundamental Performance Analysis for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Cases
    • A. Legout, G. Urvoy-Keller, and P. Michiardi.: Rarest First and Choke Algorithms Are Enough
    • L. Nussbaum, O. Richard: Lightweight Emulation to Study Peer-to-Peer Systems


    • Schlosser, D., Hoßfeld, T., Tutschku, K.: Comparison of Robust Cooperation Strategies for P2P Content Distribution Networks with Multiple Source Download. University of Wuerzburg (2006).
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