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    Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

    Am Hubland
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    Artikel in einem Journal, einer Zeitung oder einem Magazin

    • Metter, C., Seufert, M., Wamser, F., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P.: Analytical Model for SDN Signaling Traffic and Flow Table Occupancy and its Application for Various Types of Traffic. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management. 14, 603-615 (2017).

    Dissertation oder Abschlussarbeit

    • Metter, C.: Towards a Platform-Independent and Flexible OpenFlow Controller Performance Analyzer, (2013).
    • Metter, C.: An Evaluation of Open-Source Cloud Platforms and Analysis of VM-Migration Traffic, (2012).
    • Metter, C.: Integrating a sliceable OpenFlow Network into the G-Lab Test Facility, (2011).

    Artikel in Konferenzband

    • Metter, C., Seufert, M., Wamser, F., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P.: Analytic Model for SDN Controller Traffic and Switch Table Occupancy. 12th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM). , Best Paper Award, Montreal, Canada (2016).
    • Metter, C., Gebert, S., Lange, S., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P., Jarschel, M.: Investigating the Impact of Network Topology on the Processing Times of SDN Controllers. Seventh IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet. , Ottawa, Canada (2015).
    • Jarschel, M., Metter, C., Zinner, T., Gebert, S., Tran-Gia, P.: OFCProbe: A Platform-Independent Tool for OpenFlow Controller Analysis. 5th IEEE International Conference on Communications and Electronics (IEEE ICCE 2014). , Da Nang, Vietnam (2014).
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    Lehrstuhl für Informatik III (Kommunikationsnetze)
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