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    Unassigned Thesis

    Supervised Thesis

    Bachelor Thesis
    • Raffeck, S.: Benchmarking SDN Controller with OFCProbe, (2016).
    • Beutel, A.: Comparison of Active and Passive Measurements of the Application Behaviour in Enterprise Networks with Thin-Client Architecture, (2014).
    • Schwarzmann, S.: Estimating Perceived User Quality using Support Tickets in an Enterprise-IT Environment, (2014).
    • Rauscher, R.: Measuring the Performance of a Virtualised Network Function in OpenStack, (2014).
    • Müssig, A.: Comparative Measurements of an OpenFlow Virtualization in OpenStack, (2014).
    • Höhn, T.: Skype Video-Quality Adaptation to Network Conditions, (2010).
    Master Thesis
    • Filar, K.: Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Measurements for Virtualized Network Functions, (2016).
    • Helmschrott, F.: Measurement-based Performance Assessment of the QUIC Web Transport Protocol, (2016).
    • Schwarzmann, S.: Measurement-based Comparison of Different Application-Network Interaction Approaches, (2016).
    • Fischer, V.: Emulation Framework for the Subjective Evaluation of Delays in Web and Business Applications, (2016).
    • Kiermeier, F.X.: Interaction of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Concurrent HTTP Applications, (2015).
    • Gray, N.: Implementation of a Simulation Framework for Distributed SDN-Controller Architectures in OMNeT++, (2015).
    • Yan, X.: Evaluation of Impact Parameters of Objective QoE Metrics, (2014).
    • Scherer, J.: Analysis of the Impact of Delays in Web and Business Applications on the Perceived User Quality, (2014).
    • Sieber, C.: Holistic Evaluation of Novel Adaptation Logics for DASH and SVC, (2013).
    • Metter, C.: Towards a Platform-Independent and Flexible OpenFlow Controller Performance Analyzer, (2013).
    Diploma Thesis
    • Butz, M.: Analysis and Identification of Performance Bottlenecks in Enterprise Networks with Thin-Client Architecture, (2014).
    • Blenk, A.: Application-Aware Resource Management in Wireless Mesh Networks, (2012).
    • Seufert, M.: Modeling QoE for YouTube Video Streaming using Crowdsourcing, (2011).
    • Rauscher, D.: Quality of Experience adaptive video streaming with Scalable Video Coding and Forward Error Correction, (2011).
    • Lang, M.: QoS Measurement of Complex Scalable Video Coding in P2P Systems, (2010).
    • Mohrmann, M.: Simulative Leistungsbewertung der deutschen IT-Frühwarninfrastruktur, (2009).

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