Open Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

The following lists include open research topics available for bachelor and master theses as well as practical projects. Please note that these lists do not exhaustively list all topics. Members of the chair often offer additional topics within their area of interest, so feel free to contact them directly at their personal web page.

Regarding general questions please contact Stefan Geißler.

You can easily view a summary and a detailed description of the topics listed here by clicking the Abstract link below the respective entry. The contact details of the respective supervisor are also made available there.



Open Bachelor Theses


  • Loh, F.: Determination of Traffic Patterns by a Remote Controllable Drone, (2017).
  • Gray, N.: Evaluation of the Impact of Network Topologies and Applications on Synchronization Strategies of Distributed SDN Controllers, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Schwarzmann, S.: Impact of Imprecise Application Information on the Performance of Application-Network Management Approaches, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Nguyen-Ngoc, A.: Evaluation of Topology Discovery Mechanisms for SDN Networks, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Dinh-Xuan, L.: Implementing (QoE) monitoring services at Amazon AWS Cloud Service, (2017).

Open Master Theses


  • Supervisor: Grigorjew, A.: Development and Evaluation of Algorithms for Online Distributed Virtual Network Function Deployment and Consolidation, (2017).
  • Gray, N.: Evaluation of Offloading Firewall Rules with P4, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Seufert, M.: QoE Measurements for Popular Web Services in a Mobile Broadband Testbed, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Dinh-Xuan, L.: Developing NFVs for QoE Monitoring, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Metter, C.: Towards OFCProbe 2.0, (2017).

Available Student Projects


  • Supervisor: Schwind, A.: QoE Measurements of Facebook and Other Applications in a Mobile Broadband Testbed in Europe, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Borchert, K.: Analysis and Correlation of objective and subjective Performance Data of an Enterprise Application, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Dinh-Xuan, L.: Extend the OpenVolcano Cloud Architecture, (2017).
  • Supervisor: Wamser, F.: Aufbau eines Testbeds zur Demonstration von dynamischen Diensten in der Cloud, (2017).


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