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    Previous Bachelor Theses


    • Stulier, N.: Evaluation of Cranial Deformations Using Crowdsourcing, (2017).
    • Smietanka, O.: Detecting People Flows with Distributed Loudness Sensors, (2017).
    • Tönsing, L.: Semi-automated Generation of Image Annotations using Crowdsourcing and Tools for automated Translation, (2017).
    • Waigand, M.: Towards Traffic Management for Mobile Group-based Communication in WhatsApp, (2017).
    • Waigand, P.: Predictive Modeling of Video Spreading in Online Social Networks, (2017).
    • Popp, C.: Study on the Accuracy of Video Monitoring VNF in High Mobility Environments, (2017).
    • Flaig, N.: Simulative Performance Comparison of Adaptation Logics for HTTP Adaptive Streaming, (2017).
    • Bauer, A.: Impact of Game Mods on Game Sales and Player Behavior, (2017).


    • Ernst, F.: Einfluss von Netzwerkparamtern auf Synchronisationsmechanismen in Videospielen, (2016).
    • Ott, S.: Browser-based Measurements of HTTP Live Streaming Performance, (2016).
    • Landbeck, D.: Framework for Simulative Performance Evaluation of HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming, (2016).
    • Ott, M.: Performance Evaluation of Caching Architectures using the Internet Proxy Squid, (2016).
    • Sasu, B.: Investigation of Analytical Modeling Approaches for Edge Computing, (2016).
    • Berani, S.: Evaluation of an Adaptive Flow Monitoring Implementation for SDN-based Networks, (2016).
    • Knapp, T.: Assessment of the ONOS SDN Controller in Case of Network Errors, (2016).
    • Zeidler, B.: Comparison of Machine Learning Approaches for YouTube Video Adaptation Estimation on Encrypted Traffic, (2016).
    • Zorn, F.: Methods for Improving the Qualitiy of Experience of Mobile Video Streams, (2016).
    • Raffeck, S.: Benchmarking SDN Controller with OFCProbe, (2016).


    • Wehner, N.: Automated Quality Evaluation of HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming with an Android App, (2015).


    • Geissler, S.: Analysis of Different Topologies and Traffic Matrices with Regard to the Design of Multi-Layer Networks, (2012).
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