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    Previous Master Theses


    • Kamneng Kwam, B.: Performance Evaluation of Placement Algorithms for Service Chains, (2017).
    • Loh, F.: Performance Evaluation of Service Chains in Cloud Networks Using Discrete-Time Analysis, (2017).
    • Meixner, M.: Methods for Assessment of Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms with Application in the Context of SDN, (2017).
    • Schwind, A.: Concept and Implementation of QoE Measurements in a Mobile Broadband Testbed, (2017).
    • Pfaffenberger, F.: Evaluation of Network Monitoring Approaches in Cloud Environments - Experiment and Testbed Design, (2017).
    • Pfaff, B.: Evaluation of a Distributed Control Plane for Managing Heterogeneous SDN and Legacy Networks, (2017).
    • Tüchert, A.: Influence of loading delays on the perceived quality of web-based enterprise portals, (2017).
    • Allendorf, F.: Assessing the Impact of Network Impairments on the Performance of Players in DOTA 2, (2017).
    • Beutel, A.: Integration of SDN Performance Monitoring in existing Network Management Software, (2017).


    • Helmschrott, F.: Measurement-based Performance Assessment of the QUIC Web Transport Protocol, (2016).
    • Schwarzmann, S.: Measurement-based Comparison of Different Application-Network Interaction Approaches, (2016).
    • Grigorjew, A.: Optimization of Virtual Network Function Chain Placement, (2016).
    • Filar, K.: Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Measurements for Virtualized Network Functions, (2016).
    • Morgan, B.: Simulative Evaluation of Scheduling Mechanisms in Data Centers, (2016).
    • Höfner, S.: Evaluation of Orchestration and Access Principles for Cloud Applications, (2016).
    • Müssig, A.: Comparison of State Synchronization Strategies for a Cloud-based Firewall VNF, (2016).
    • Fischer, V.: Emulation Framework for the Subjective Evaluation of Delays in Web and Business Applications, (2016).
    • Scholz, M.: Einflussnahme zeitlicher und sozialer Muster auf die Effizienz von Caching, (2016).
    • Geissler, S.: Mining Vulnerability Databases for Information on Hypervisor Vulnerabilities: Analyses and Predictions, (2016).


    • Kiermeier, F.X.: Interaction of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Concurrent HTTP Applications, (2015).
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