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    Previous Student Projects


    • Sommer, M.: Implementation of an OpenFlow Fuzzing Framework, (2017).
    • Kamneng Kwam, B.: Static Placement of Services on Edge Servers, (2017).
    • Wehner, N.: Unsupervised QoE Field Study for Mobile YouTube Video Streaming with YoMoApp, (2017).


    • Schwind, A.: WhatsAnalyzer: a Tool for Collecting and Analyzing WhatsApp Chats, (2016).
    • Reinhart, L.: An SDN-based Implementation of a Network-controlled “Bring Your Own Device” Scenario, (2016).
    • Schmitt, N.: Implementation of a Video Quality Reference Metric for H264 using ffmpeg, (2016).
    • Beutel, A.: Correlation of Subjective and Objective Measurements in Enterprise Networks, (2016).
    • Züfle, M.: Testbed Validation and Comparison with Simulation, (2016).
    • Ott, S.: Browser-based Measurement of HTTP Live Streaming Performance during the Olympic Games 2016, (2016).
    • Werthmann, A.: Untersuchung der Sicherheit von Desktop- und Smartphone-Applikationen hinsichtlich HTTPS-Man-in-the-middle-Angrifen, (2016).
    • Schreck, M.: Matlab REST API, (2016).
    • König, F.: Cloud Computing with OpenStack: Deployment and Networking, (2016).
    • Pfaff, B.: A Behavior-driven Approach for Testing Softwarized Networks using OpenStack Infrastructures, (2016).


    • Müssig, A.: Comparison of the Data Plane Performance of a Commercial Hardware Firewall and its Software Pendant, (2015).
    • Kuhn, N.: Analysis of the co-working network of a commercial crowdsourcing plattform, (2015).
    • Allendorf, F.: Assessing the Accuracy of the NetGraph Network Measurement Tool in Dota 2, (2015).


    • Ehrmann, K.: Application and Network Monitoring of HLS Live Streaming of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, (2014).
    • Scherer, J.: SysStew: ein Framework zur Test-Automatisierung, (2014).


    • Metter, C.: An Evaluation of Open-Source Cloud Platforms and Analysis of VM-Migration Traffic, (2012).


    • Implementation and Analysis of P2P Content Distribution Strategies, (1980).
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