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    Dr. rer. nat. Michael Seufert

    Feb 2013 - Dec 2017

    Research Interests

    My research interests include the following topics:

    • Quality of Experience (QoE) of Internet applications
    • QoE-aware and socially-aware network traffic management solutions
    • Monitoring, orchestration, and consolidation of edge cloud computing services
    • Performance analysis and modeling of communication systems

    I am a member of the "Cloud Applications and Networks" research group: Research Group


    I am involved in the INPUT (In-network programmability for next-generation personal cloud service support) project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 program. The goal is to design a novel edge cloud supported infrastructure for personal cloud services. Within this project, our focus is mainly on monitoring, orchestration, and consolidation algorithms for optimized configuration of network/cloud infrastructure and allocation of virtualized cloud services with respect to energy consumption and Quality of Experience.

    Moreover, I participate in the Mobi-QoE (Monitoring and Analysis of Quality of Experience in Mobile Broadband Networks) project funded by the European Commission H2020 project MONROE (Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe). The objective of Mobi-QoE is to extend MONROE’s testbed to the QoE domain by integrating novel software-based QoE-capable measurement tools and QoE models for popular end-user services (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Spotify). In crowdsourced field trials, the extensions will be evaluated and the QoE models will be refined to enable experiments for QoE-based performance analysis of mobile broadband networks with the MONROE testbed.

    I work in the industry funded project QoE³ (Quality of Experience Estimation at the Edge). The goal of the project is to investigate and assess real-time monitoring solutions or estimators for Quality of Experience (QoE) for HTTP adaptive video streaming (HAS) at the network edge.

    More information on current and past projects can be found here: Projects

    Selected Publications

    Casas, P., Seufert, M., Wamser, F., Gardlo, B., Sackl, A., Schatz, R.: Next to You: Monitoring Quality of Experience in Cellular Networks from the End-devices. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management. (2016).

    Seufert, M., Egger, S., Slanina, M., Zinner, T., Hoßfeld, T., Tran-Gia, P.: A Survey on Quality of Experience of HTTP Adaptive Streaming. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials. 17, 469-492 (2015).

    Wamser, F., Blenk, A., Seufert, M., Zinner, T., Kellerer, W., Tran-Gia, P.: Modeling and Performance Analysis of Application-Aware Resource Management. International Journal of Network Management. 25, 223-241 (2015).

    Hoßfeld, T., Seufert, M., Sieber, C., Zinner, T., Tran-Gia, P.: Identifying QoE Optimal Adaptation of HTTP Adaptive Streaming Based on Subjective Studies. Computer Networks. 81, 320-332 (2015).

    Seufert, M., Darzanos, G., Papafili, I., Łapacz, R., Burger, V., Hoßfeld, T.: Socially-Aware Traffic Management. In: Zweig, K., Neuser, W., Pipek, V., Rohde, M., and Scholtes, I. (eds.) Socioinformatics - The Social Impact of Interactions between Humans and IT. Springer International Publishing (2014).

    Wamser, F., Hock, D., Seufert, M., Staehle, B., Pries, R., Tran-Gia, P.: Using Buffered Playtime for QoE-Oriented Resource Management of YouTube Video Streaming. Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. 24, 288–302 (2013).

    A comprehensive list of all publications can be found here: Publications


    Currently, I am involved in the following teaching activities:

    • Bachelor Theses
    • Master Theses

    Topics for Bachelor Theses, Master Theses, or Practical Courses can be requested at any time. Please note that the availability of open topics is intended, but cannot be guaranteed. If you are interested in my/our research topics, simply contact me or my colleagues.

    All information about past and current teaching activities can be found here: Teaching

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