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Lehrstuhl für Informatik III

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Public Key

Contents: Overview | Working Group | Projects | Publications | Teaching

Research Interests

My research interests include the following topics:

  • Cloud architectures and communication networks
  • Internet applications and Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Network traffic management
  • Performance analysis and modeling of communication systems and applications

I am head of the working group Cloud Applications and Networks at the Chair of Communication Networks.



In our group, we are currently working on different projects. Among other things, we are active in the INPUT (In-network programmability for next-generation personal cloud service support) project funded by the European Commision under the H2020 program. The goal is to design a novel edge cloud supported infrastructure for personal cloud services. Within this project, our focus is mainly on monitoring, orchestration, and consolidation algorithms for optimized configuration of network/cloud infrastructure and allocation of virtualized cloud services with respect to energy consumption and Quality of Experience.

More information on current and past projects can be found here: Projects

Project Proposals

I was responsible for the following EU H2020 proposals for the University of Würzburg (person in charge of the proposal for Würzburg):

 Acronym: FRONTIER
 Call: H2020-ICT-2016-1
 Type of Action: RIA
 Number: 731939
 Duration: 36 months
 Estimated Project Cost: 4M EUR

 Acronym: INPUT
 Type of Action: RIA
 Current Phase: Grant Management
 Number: 644672
 Duration: 36 months
 Start Date: 01 Jan 2015
 Estimated Project Cost: 3M EUR

 Acronym: 5GREEN
 Call: H2020-ICT-2016-2
 Type of Action: RIA
 Number: 762202
 Duration: 30 months
 Estimated Project Cost: 6M EUR

Conference Organization, TPCs & Reviews

Scientific activities in the direction of conference organization, peer-reviews and lectures are an important part of scientific work. I lecture annually at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam (2015-2017), organize workshops, and I am involved in conference committees.

  • Conference organization: IEEE ITC 28 (local organization chair)
  • Annual workshop: IEEE/ACM PROCON (workshop chair)
  • Annual workshop: IEEE NetFog Workshop (workshop chair)
  • IEEE GLOBECOM 2017 Workshop: IVR5G+: Interconnected Virtual Reality in 5G and Beyond (workshop chair)
    • Lecture at HUST Hanoi, Vietnam: "Computer Communication Networks"
  • Reviewer for IEEE TNSM, ACM TOMM, IEEE TCSVT (IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology), Springer MTAP, Elsevier Computer Networks, IEEE JSAC SGCN
  • TPC for Globecom BWA Workshop (Broadband Wireless Access Workshop Series), DCPerf2017 (at INFOCOM 2017), IEEE PIMRC
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Lehrstuhl für Informatik III (Kommunikationsnetze)
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