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Lehrstuhl für Informatik III
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Supervised Theses


  • Shpend Berani: Studying the Initial Delay of the Mobile YouTube App
  • Michael Morell: Traffic Measurement Study for Real-Time Video Streaming with a Remote Controllable Drone
  • Filip Simonovski: Studying the Video Segmentation for different Streaming Platforms
  • Ferdinand Leidinger: Studying the Initial Delay of the YouTube Mobile App with TensorFlow



  • Ramadan Shweiki: Traffic Profile of a Remote Controllable Drone
  • Fabian Poignée: Influence of Tension on QoE in Video Streaming
  • Fabian Schaible: Data Traffic Assessment of the Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot
  • Viktoria Vomhoff: Traffic Measurement Study of the Amazon Echo Show


WS2019: Steuerungsprinzipien moderner Kommunikationssysteme
SS2018: Simulationstechnik


WS 2019/20

  • Lukas Petzi: Analysis of the Scalability of LoRa Networks
  • Maximilian Gerhard: Analysis of a Fog Computing Architecture Network for Smart City

SS 2019

  • Simon Raffeck: LoRa with CSMA: Performance and Energy Efficiency
  • David Raunecker: Machine Learning Approaches for Quality of Experience Prediction in Encrypted HTTP Adaptive Streaming


  • Tobias Knapp: Stalling Detection and Prediction in HTTP Adaptive Streaming
  • Lukas Tönsing: Analysing Adaptive Wide Area Streaming


  • Marvin Ewald: Adaptive Video Streaming from Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Thomas Hadgu: QoE Monitoring for Encrypted Traffic


  • Sebastian Kempf: Internet of Things: From Cloud to Edge Cloud
  • Sven Elflein: Energy Management of Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Manuel Wolz: Live Migration of Cloud Services
  • Alexander Hartelt: From Smart Home to Smart City: Current Research Topics in the Internet of Things